Why Choose TALCE?

Quality & Design

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The visionary work with Acrylic requires knowledge of substance, an experimental approach to it and the ability to translate the ideas into industrial processes. TALCE® processes acrylic with the highest attention and passion all, by paying a little more attention to the details to reach the best quality.

More intelligent, larger, more effective, more forward-looking: TALCE® always set its sights somewhat higher. This includes resource-saving handling and intelligent recycling even during the production process.

A thorough visual check after each stage of production guarantees that only perfect pieces are further processed in the production process.

The final check at TALCE® guarantees, for what the company stands for:
reliability, precision and function in all possible colors and shapes.

TALCE® whirlpools bring wellness into your home with great style and panache.



Acrylic:A material with attractive properties
TALCE® bathtubs are made of the highest grade of PMMA acrylic. Due to the reinforcement with 20mm of plywood and steel at the bottom, the tub doesn’t develop cracks at the bottom when filled with hot water.
The advantage of acrylic is its warm, pore-free and smooth surface. It is pleasant to the touch and the user immediately feels at ease.
With its white shimmering gleam, the material harmonizes with all of the other ceramic objects in the bathroom and ensures continuity of design. The bathtubs can be elegantly combined with furniture panel thus forming a link with the bathroom furniture.
The user can rest assured knowing that the acrylic bathtub will retain its color throughout its lifetime. A bathtub made from sanitary acrylic is not only easy to install, but also resistant to almost all conventional cleaning agents.

Air Suction Valve

There is an additional pipeline in the water circuit which is connected to all the water jets. This pipeline is also connected to a pump with a heating coil which sucks atmospheric air, heats it and distributes it to each and every water jet to boost the jet pressure.

Safety Vacuum Breaker

This is one of the most important safety features installed in our whirlpool bathtubs. In case of blockage in the suction point, the motor switches off automatically.

No Bacteria Formation

The water pipes connect via V-shaped housings, creating a bow which ensures the complete drainage of water. Unpleasant odors and bacteria are thus avoided, and you get fresh water every time.

Environment Friendly

The pipes are made from special Food Grade PVC. These pipes have an anti-bacterial coating on the inner side so that even if some drops of water stay behind after the tub is drained, there won't be any bacteria formation in the water droplets.

Water Jets

The effectiveness of the hydromassage is enhanced by the exclusive performance of our Jets. They have orientable or swiveling nozzles with partial closing system. The water flow can be adjusted in intensity and direction to suit personal needs*, in order to gently massage delicate areas with capillary fragility and give a more energetic massage to areas that need more vascular stimulation.

Airpool Jet

The air pool jets are made of plastic and provide a gentle and delicate massage on your spine, which increases the sensation of warmth in the body and has beneficial effects on the back.
The air bubbles open the insulation layer releasing oxygen and stimulating blood circulation.
It optimizes the transfer of warmth and the feeling of wellbeing.

Why a HOT TUB?

More than home-improvement or entertainment, a hot tub is an investment in your health and well-being. Our owners say that they have more energy, sleep better, and can do more with their day. (We can’t deny that time spent together in a warm tub can lead to better relationships outside the tub .)

“It's the best thing I ever purchased for myself. It’s relaxing and it really helps” - TALCE® Customer.


When you spend time with loved ones, immersed in warm water, something magical happens. The hot tub becomes a private and safe place where people can relax, let their guard down, and truly open up. In this distraction-free zone, you’ll enjoy meaningful conversation and special moments with the people you care about most, and as result relationships grow stronger.


Be at your very best every day by making your hot tub or whirlpool bathtub a part of your daily ritual. Experience physical benefits, like the relief of stress and tension from sore muscles, as well as emotional and mental benefits. When immersed in the warm water, you can disconnect, decompress and emerge renewed. For a few precious moments, you can feel like all is right in the world. With a hot tub, it’s easy to make wellness a priority.


Pause and appreciate…starry nights, golden sunrises, falling snow, changing leaves, and so much more. With a hot tub, you have a private retreat steps outside your door. Surrounded by nature, you can take in the beauty we often take for granted. In these quiet moments you’ll gain perspective and reconnect with what really matters.


The physical wellness benefits of hot tubs are delivered in three ways: heat increases circulation by dilating blood vessels, buoyancy relieves joint stress by reducing your weight by 90%, and powerful jets soothe away tension with massage. All of these elements work together to provide a variety of health benefits that ultimately allow our owners to lead more active and fulfilled lives.

“The jet strength is amazing and makes my body feel 20 years younger.” TALCE®SPA Owner | Beirut

What Hot Tub You NEED?

The ultimate combination? Powerful jets and soothing air bubbles.
TALCE® Hot tubs gives you the ultimate experience of both the Whirlpool and Air bath…. If you’ve just run a marathon (or feel like it), choose the bliss of a whirlpool massage and the tranquil caress of a thousand bubbles to feel renewed and refreshed. talce


  • Combination of Whirlpool and Air bath
  • Personalized massage options
  • Maximized jet count and placement


Choose TALCE® jets for optimal hydrotherapy.
The whirlpool bath, powered by the TALCE® jetting system, gives bathers a therapeutic massage. The benefits of hydrotherapy are proven: if you work hard and play hard, a whirlpool bath is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Jets project water in a flowing, circular motion, which offers a wide array of health benefits, including relaxation, improved blood circulation and sore muscle and joint relief. Whatever you desire, whether hot or cold-water massages, long relaxing soaks or even chromo therapy, a TALCE® whirlpool can give it all. Easy to use manual or remote functions flawlessly switch water modes for your benefit. talce


  • Optimal air and water therapy
  • Customizable intensity and directionality
  • Industry-leading jet performance and design


The gentle, embracing massage of warm air bubbles. When you choose an Air bath, you give yourself the caressing sensation of warmed air inside thousands of bubbles. It‘s a gentle, full-body experience — and a pure pleasure. talce


  • Small air bubbles provide soothing massage
  • 360° air inlets ensure a whole-body experience
  • Heated air blower keeps water pleasurably warm


A quiet, calm soak: the foundation of hydrotherapy. For sitting, stretching, reading and relaxing, a soaking bath is a simple, tranquil pleasure.


  • Proven hydrotherapy in its fundamental form
  • Warm water promotes circulation and relaxation
  • Ergonomic designs cradle the bather

The 5 Steps To Your Dream Bathroom:

The bathroom is becoming increasingly important as a living area and somewhere to relax; a bathroom that is based on individual needs. Your personal dream bathroom meets complex requirements and encompasses every imaginable area of the bathroom to form one unique design.

We have summarized the key points for your consideration when planning your dream bath. With the help of a specialist at your side, avoid any unpleasant surprises when realizing your dream TALCE bathroom. You will be supported right from the initial consultation throughout the project realization and given expert guidance on best procedures.

1. What does your dream bathroom look like? Which practical areas and how much comfort do you desire in your new bathroom? How will each member of the household use the bathroom on a daily basis?

2. What does the future hold? What changes can you expect in the foreseeable future? Does the new bathroom have to be suitable for children, or should the age of its users not play a role in its design?

3. What is right for your bathrooms in terms of size and style? The TALCE range has something for every ambience and furnishing style and for any amount of available space. On this website, you will find the products that best meet your own personal taste. Or, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms.

4. Bathroom planning Modern, digital supported 3D bathroom planning, a collage of materials or tile layouts, wood finishes and wall coverings: together, these elements provide you with an accurate picture of how your finished bathroom could look like.

5. Now simply enjoy! Once professionally installed, cleaned and organized, you can lie back, relax and enjoy your new ultimate wellness space.


There are three factors at work in a spa: heat, floatability and massage. Working together, they create a totally relaxing hydromassage experience. The heat in a hot tub raises your body temperature, increasing circulation. The floatability of the hot tub reduces your body weight by 90%*, relieving pressure on muscles and joints with a relaxing sensation of weightlessness.

Our customers have reported that they experienced the following benefits (thanks to a relaxing massage):

  • Relief of tension in muscles and joints
  • Temporary relief of aches and pains
  • Decreased anxiety and stress
  • Total, full-body relaxation
*Body weight reduced by 90% with neck-depth immersion.


The element of Water has always played a key role in curing illnesses and cleansing the body as well as the spirit. With time, the healing virtues of water, be it hot or cold, became obvious to physicians and “Hydrotherapy” became a widespread pain and stress treatment.


According to Archimedes’ principle, when a body is submerged in water, there is an up thrust that equals the immersed weight. To put it simply, you feel weightless when you are in water. Water thus relieves your sense of gravity and alleviates the everyday stress on your muscles and joints. The pressure exerted by water on your skin stimulates touch receptors, increases blood circulation and creates a soothing, massage-like sensation. Water Jets apply local pressure and massage your skin, releasing tight muscles and increasing blood flow to the desired areas of your body. Finally, Air Bubbles induce a tingling sensation that promotes chemical reactions creating in you a positive sense of well-being.


Hot water

When immersed in hot water, your body makes necessary adjustments to lower its temperature in response to the heat stimuli. Blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow. White blood cells, your body’s immune system operator, circulate more efficiently in the blood vessels. Blood flow also diverts towards the extremities of the body, causing skin pores to open, activating sweat glands and enabling toxin elimination.
The blood circulation process then helps heal injured tissues and rehabilitate damaged muscles or joints.
This overall state of mellowness and wellbeing helps your body release endorphins, substances responsible for pain relief and the feeling of serenity.
Furthermore, the inhalation of hot water vapor, known as steam, causes the lungs to expand, drawing air into them. This improves mucus clearing ability.

Cold water

On the other hand, when immersed in cold water, your body makes efforts to preserve its temperature. In that case, blood flow is diverted from the extremities of the body to internal organs, to maintain a constant temperature allowing successful function of the organs. Your body’s internal activity increases, you become more energetic and more vigilant. Anxiety decreases which results in lower heart rate.